• Our pride is showcased by our passion to raise our flags high
  • We are the Bridge to our Puerto Rican History and Culture
  • The Taino Symbols Speak The Language of the Natives of Puerto Rico

Our Brand is a way of life

The Mission of “The Puerto Rican Flags Up” social media and networking group is to enlighten our community of our rich history and culture. We have been  accomplishing this by educating the public through networking, education, cultural events and  finally now the official store. Wear it so the world can see and feel where you are from


National Puerto Rican Day

PR Flags Up at The 2016  National Puerto Rican Day Parade on ABC (7)


Jackson Ave PR Festival

PR FESTIVAL 2016 JACKSON AVE & 152 street


Look Back At Our Year 2016



Isla De Culebra - Zoni Beach

When you are feeling stressed out just take a look at this video and relax your mind, body and soul. Our beautiful island of Puerto Rico is like none other and this is this is even more exclusive at Isla De Culebra . this is Zoni Beach and we were totally by ourselves with no one around . What a totally awesome time we had at this beach it was so amazing i had to record this video to share to the world. Hope you Enjoy it and please share it , everyone needs this in their life lol, Big thanks to Casa Robinson for the hospitality