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YABUCOA , Puerto Rico
People are know as
Santos Ángeles Custodios

The town of YABUCOA in Puerto Rico was founded in 1793 .
Estimated population as of 2006 is 40,332 .
The zipcode is 00767

Housing units : 13688
Area in square miles
Total area
Water area
Land area
Density per square mile of land area
Housing units


The Wards (Barrios) are:

Aguacate, Calabaza, Camino Nuevo, Guayabota, Jácana, Juan Marín, Limones, Playa y Tejas.

Location of YABUCOA in the Map of Puerto Rico

Town Information

Yabucoa is a small town in the south eastern tip of Puerto Rico located in the southeastern region, north of Maunabo; south of San Lorenzo, Las Piedras and Humacao; and east of Patillas and about one hour from San Juan. Yabucoa is spread over 9 wards and Yabucoa Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). Its name is derived from the Taíno word meaning land of water, most likely due to the large number of rivers that water the region. Yabucoa is also known as "La Ciudad del Azúcar" (The City of Sugar).

Town History

Yabucoa was founded in 1793. [edit] Flag The design of the flag of Yabucoa is abstract, inspired by the colors of the municipal shield; green, white and violet. [edit] Coat of Arms In the shield appear two angels representing the immense multitude of them. The color purple (violet) field of the shield represents the highest dignity of the angels. The walking sticks are attributes of the traveller, and refer to the holy office of the Angels as guides and companions in man's journey in his earthly life. The canes are adorned with guajana flowers, representing the wealth of the sugar cane. The green land where the angels stand symbolizes the fertile valley in which Yabucoa is located

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