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NARANJITO , Puerto Rico
People are know as
San Miguel Arcángel

The town of NARANJITO in Puerto Rico was founded in 1824 .
Estimated population as of 2006 is 29,918 .
The zipcode is 00719

Housing units : 9758
Area in square miles
Total area
Water area
Land area
Density per square mile of land area
Housing units


The Wards (Barrios) are:

Achiote, Anones, Cedro Abajo, Cedro Arriba, Guadiana, Lomas y Nuevo.

Location of NARANJITO in the Map of Puerto Rico

Town Information

Naranjito is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the central region of the island, south of Toa Alta; north of Barranquitas and Comerío; east of Corozal; and west of Bayamón. Naranjito is spread over 15 wards and Naranjito Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). Naranjito's name comes from an old legend telling the story of two ways to get to downtown Toa Alta. One had a big orange tree and the other one a little orange tree. The road with the little orange tree was easier and faster. Naranjito means little orange tree.

Town History

Naranjito was found on December 3, 1824 by Braulio Morales. Derives its name from the large quantity of orange trees ("naranjas") grown in the town. The name also comes from an orange tree in the town that served as a landmark for a shorcut for people traveling from Bayamon to Corozal. [edit] Flag It consists of an orange flag crossed by two narrow green stripes close to the superior and inferior edges. The orange color in the flag simbolizes the town of Naranjito(little orange tree) the green simbolizes its always green mountains. [edit] Coat of Arms It consists of a red cross that is symbol of San Miguel de Arcángel, Patron of Naranjito. The globe with the cross symbolizes the power and sovereignty of God. The gold and red stripes that appear in the second and third quarters, constitute the primitive baton of the Guafiana lineage. The lily twigs are a tribute of San Antonio de Padua, confessor and doctor of the Church. The orange tree represents the small tree that gave the town's name, Naranjito. The crown is symbol of moral unit of the town

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