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AIBONITO , Puerto Rico
People are know as
San José

The town of AIBONITO in Puerto Rico was founded in 1824 .
Estimated population as of 2006 is 27,146 .
The zipcode is 00705

Housing units : 9163
Area in square miles
Total area
Water area
Land area
Density per square mile of land area
Housing units


The Wards (Barrios) are:

Asomante, Algarrobo, Caonillas, Cuyón, Llanos, Pasto, Plata y Robles.

Location of AIBONITO in the Map of Puerto Rico

Town Information

Aibonito (ei-bo-NEE-to) is a small mountain town in Puerto Rico located in the Mountain range of Cayey, north of Salinas; south of Barranquitas and Comerio; east of Coamo; and west of Cidra, and Cayey. Aibonito is spread over 8 wards and Aibonito Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). Aibonito is located on a relative high elevation (its main plaza is the highest in the island at 2,401 ft/731 m above sea level), thus cooler year round than many of island towns

Town History

The first Catholic temple in Aibonito was built in 1825. The building was replaced by the current temple, which was started in 1887 and completed in 1897. [edit] Flag Blue for the sky, white for air purity, red for love of the motherland, and gold (yellow) for the traditional Hispanic values. [edit] Coat of Arms The shield is divided in four corners or quarters. The superior left corner represents the Asomante where last battles of the Hispano-American War took place, symbolized by the sword. In the right corner we find: a white band symbolizing the fog that covers the Aiboniteños valleys and mountains in winter; on a blue field, a purple color flower typical of the region and declared official by the organizers of the First Festival of the Flowers in 1969; and in the inferior end a golden lily to remember San José, patron of the Parochial Church of the town and also symbolizing the Eminence Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez, first Puerto Rican Cardinal of the Catholic Church. The bottom left corner on a blue background is placed the gold tower of the Manresa House to symbolize the spiritual value that such institution represents for all Puerto Rico. In the right corner a divided mountain of green color which represents the San Cristóbal Canon with a seashell in the superior part that symbolizes Apostle Santiago

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