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MOROVIS , Puerto Rico
People are know as
Nuestra Señora del Carmen

The town of MOROVIS in Puerto Rico was founded in 1818 .
Estimated population as of 2006 is 32,379 .
The zipcode is 00687

Housing units : 9462
Area in square miles
Total area
Water area
Land area
Density per square mile of land area
Housing units


The Wards (Barrios) are:

Barahona, Cuchillas, Franquez, Monte Llano, Morovis Norte, Morovis Sur, Pasto, Perchas, Río Grande, San Lorenzo, Torrecillas, Unibón y Vega.

Location of MOROVIS in the Map of Puerto Rico

Town Information

Morovis(mo-RO-vis) is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the central region of the island, north of Orocovis, south of Manati, Vega Baja and Vega Alta; east of Ciales, and west of Corozal. Morovis is spread over 13 wards and Morovis Pueblo

Town History

In 1815, a group of residents, under the leadership of Don Juan Jose de la Torre, began the process to separate Morovis from Manati. In 1817, the government of Puerto Rico approved the separation, but it was not until 1818 that the requirements of a population of one thousand residents and the construction of a church and several other public buildings was fulfilled, that the town of Morovis was officially founded. In 1822, the mayorship was constructed and in 1823, the new church was built dedicated to Nuestra Senora del Carmen on lands donated by Don Juan Evangelista Rivera. Its first mayor was Don Juan Jose de la Torre. Morovis has a particular nickname. It was the only municipality in Puerto Rico that did not suffer from a cholera epidemic in 1853; as a result, a common phrase, "la isla menos Morovis" ("(all) the island but Morovis") was coined, which identifies the town informally in Puerto Rico. The phrase is believed by most Puerto Ricans to have a negative connotation against moroveños, while, in reality, it means the opposite. [edit] Flag The flag of Morovis is divided vertically in two equal parts. The immediate one to the mast is yellow and has the eagle of the Coat of Arms, in this case with the head facing right toward the pole. The other half is divided in seven vertical stripes of equal width, four red ones alternated with three yellow ones. [edit] Coat of Arms The Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Morovis is formed by an eagle in the left partition, which symbolizes San Juan Evangelista and sings in honor of the founder of the town, Don Juan Evangelista Rivera. The five "cuatros" (Puerto Rican instruments) observable in the right partition symbolize the fact that the town of Morovis is the main center of production of such typical Puerto Rican instruments. The shield in the center represents the Order of the Carmelite Nuns, and symbolizes as well the Virgen Carmen, matron of the town. The left half is a field of yellow color (yellow for gold) in which resides a saber (black) eagle, beak and claws in red, its head enclosed with a halo. The right half division is in red with five cuatros (Puerto Rican instruments) in yellow (for gold); and in the small center shield, the Coat of Arms of the Order of the Carmelite Nuns. At the top is located a three tower crown of yellow, lined in saber (black) with red doors and windows

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