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CABO ROJO , Puerto Rico
People are know as
San Miguel Arcángel

The town of CABO ROJO in Puerto Rico was founded in 1771 .
Estimated population as of 2006 is 52,123 .
The zipcode is 00623

Housing units : 23182
Area in square miles
Total area
Water area
Land area
Density per square mile of land area
Housing units


The Wards (Barrios) are:

Bajura, Boquerón, Guanajibo, Llanos Costas, Llanos Tuna, Miradero, Monte Grande y Pedernales. Cabo Rojo has 72 Square miles . The 6th biggest town in PR

Location of CABO ROJO in the Map of Puerto Rico

Town Information

Cabo Rojo (KAH-bo, ro-ho) located on the Western Costal Valley. Bordering the Caribbean Sea; and the Mona Passage, south of Mayagüez and Hormigueros; and east of Hormigueros, San Germán and Lajas spread over 18 wards and Cabo Rojo Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). It is said that Cabo Rojo obtained its name from the considerable amount of minerals found in its coasts that made the waters look reddish. Cabo is the Spanish word for tip and analogous to the English word Cape in this context. The word rojo, translates to red. According to legend, the name was given by Christopher Columbus himself, although this is highly unlikely. The first church, founded in 1783, was called San José. The present-day main catholic church is called San Miguel Arcángel located in the town's square. People from Combate are known as mata con hacha ("those who kill with axes") based on an old folk tale about a fight over the Salinas where those from Cabo Rojo fought with axes against people from the adjacent town of Lajas. The latter apparently fought back by throwing stones and are thus known as tira piedras ("those who throw stones").

Town History

Cabo Rojo was founded on December 17, 1771 by Nicolás Ramírez de Arellano and Miguel de Muesas. [edit] Flag The flag contains elements of the coat of arms, excluding the sword, the anchors and the crown. [edit] Coat of Arms The point or red triangle symbolizes the "cabo bermejo" (cape bermejo) in Los Morillos. The blue and white, with the anchors, represent the sea that bathes our coasts. The flaming sword, is an attribute to San Miguel de Arcángel, patron of the town. Finally, the crown, which heightens and distinguishes the shield, stands for the status of municipality.

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