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Eduardo Santos
Born in Humacao and raised in Juncos, PR, Eddie has achieved his goals in life with pride and success. PuertoRicans.Com has been a sole effort and persistence of his will to serve the community. He continues to work with the community and for the community to provide you with the best source of information. Eddie has worked as host for TV show Salsa Profiles with Chester Rosario.


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PuertoRicans Com, Inc is an independent exclusive bilingual website about Puerto Rico. Owned and operated by PuertoRicans Com Inc., PuertoRicans.Com is NOT sponsored by any club or organization. Our goal is to promote and share the talents, beauty and wonders of the Island of Puerto Rico that we love and cherish so much. We provide and promote networking opportunities between Puerto Rican groups, associations, and fan clubs. In addition, we create and welcome announcements regarding cultural activities throughout the entire world.

Our goal is to keep building bridges and foster partnerships around the world. We hope to retain the attention of all, so everyone interested can join us regardless of their ethnicity. Non-profit organizations can benefit by promoting their information on our World Wide Web page. Through our outreach efforts, we encourage Education and Non-Commercial sites to link with us, whereby their business’ can be seen at low cost fees.

This venture is a commitment from PuertoRicans Com, Inc. to the viewing public and other business’ on the Internet. We want you to see us and spread the word. We aim to share with everyone that visits our site how dedicated we are towards the progressiveness of our people and culture. All information submitted is carefully reviewed for approval by PuertoRicans Com, Inc. We reserve all rights of admission.

Our Vision,

We bring a new wave of opportunity.

We want people to see and feel the excitement of a better place where everyone can join and share. We will touch, involve and transform those in contact with our work, products and enthusiasm. We do this through involving the community and making them part of this new adventure. Our work connects organizations and ideas so the world can share them, from any location, and preserve them.