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Alberto O. Cappas, Author
Doña Julia & Other Selected Poems

An Educational Pledge

By Alberto O. Cappas
From the book:
Never too late to make a U-Turn:
An Educational Pledge and 15 Questions to Self-Development
For Students in the Public School System

I pledge to maintain a
Healthy Mind and Body
Staying away from the Vice of drugs
I pledge always to try my Best to understand
The importance of Knowledge and Education
I pledge to paint a Positive picture of where I plan to be in the future
Not allowing obstacles to stop the growth of my Plans
I pledge to seek Answers to Questions,
With the understanding that they
Will lead to other discoveries
I pledge to work Firm
With the Awareness and Confidence
That firm work Today will serve
As the Seeds for my strong Tree tomorrow
A Tree that no one will be able to tear down
I pledge to learn proper languages,
Beginning with my Mother's
Always prepared to Appreciate others
I pledge to gain a better understanding of Me
By understanding my Cultural roots
I pledge to fully accept Me as a human being
A Rainbow of many cultures and colors
I pledge to overcome any Personal misfortunes
Becoming Stronger from such misfortunes
Always striving to become
A wise person.

La Promesa
(Dedicado a Nuestros Niños)

Yo prometo mantener
mente y cuerpo saludable,
alejándome del maligno vicio de las drogas.
Prometo siempre esforzarme para mejor comprender
la importancia del conocimiento y la educación,
pintando un retrato positivo hacia donde
pienso estar mañana,
no permitiendo obstáculos que tronchen el desarrollo
de mis proyectos hacia el futuro.
Prometo buscar respuestas a mis preguntas,
comprendiendo que las repuestas a preguntas
a veces nos llevan a otros descubrimientos.
Prometo trabajar con esfuerzo,
con el conocimiento y confianza
que el trabajo arduo hoy servirá
como semillas para el árbol fuerte del mañana,
un árbol que jamás se podrá arrancar.
Prometo aprender idiomas correctamente,
comenzando con el de mi madre,
siempre dispuesto a apreciar los de otros.
Prometo lograr mejor conocimiento de mi persona,
comenzando con el conocimiento de mis raíces culturales,
aceptando quién soy como ser humano,
un arco iris de varias culturas y colores.
Prometo vencer mis desgracias personales,
haciéndome más fuerte por las desdichas,
siempre esforzándome hacia la potencialidad
de ser una persona sabia

For Public Schools: Teachers, Parents, & Students:
One cannot keep hope alive if no plan of action is in place...
The perfect book for youth at risk...

About the Author:
Alberto O. Cappas is the Director of Community Affairs for the New York City Human Resources Administration. He is a published poet and writer, author of several publications, such as: Doña Julia & Other Selected Poems, published in 2002; Disintegration of the Puerto Ricans, published in 1997; Echolalia, Verse & Vibration, 1987. The Educational Pledge is designed for students enrolled in the inner-city public school system. The Educational Pledge will be found on Coffee Mugs, T-shirts, and other related items in order to better spread this important message.

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