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Professor Manuel Hernández
Essays Collection

Address: : 2012 Ernest St. Kissimmee, Florida 34741

Manuel Hernandez was born in Sleepy Hollow, New York in 1963. He completed undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus and finished a Master�s in Education from Herbert H. Lehman College (CUNY) in the Bronx in 1994. He has coordinated symposiums, produced and coordinated television interviews on the literature written by Puerto Rican and Latino/a writers from the Diaspora. He has done numerous presentations, workshops and seminars on how to integrate latino/a literature in the English classroom. In 2014, he participated in a TedxTalk (Connections) at Southern New Hampshire University. He is the author of three books, , Latino/a Literature in the English Classroom (Editorial Plaza Mayor, 2003), The Birth of a Rican (Imprenta Sifre. 2008) and Living the Kingdom with purpose (Imprenta Sifre, 2013). He is a Language Arts teacher at Osceola School District in Florida.

Living the Kingdom
By Manuel Hernandez-Carmona copyright 2008

It is very difficult and practically impossible to establish rules and regulations on how to live a "kingdom" life. Jesus himself acknowledged that the kingdom was a daily living of peace, power, justice and authority in the Spirit. But the Word of God reveals secrets on how to live within the boundaries of His Kingdom. From the very beginning of the creation of mankind, God was interested and had excellent intentions of forming a kingdom mentality in Adam and all who would follow the first man on earth. Because Adam aborted the process, a second man (Jesus) came and exemplified with His Life what living the kingdom was all about.
The Word of God is a mirror in which the Spirit of God reveals His most intimate secrets. Because of our manmade natural upbringings, living the kingdom is at first glance at a distance and out of reach. David never imagined the journey he was about to begin when The Prophet visited his father's house. It was a thirteen year roller coaster ride that ended with his appointment by the elders of Israel as King of God’s Nation. The mirror reveals how God's children lived, are living and will live His Kingdom. Daniel, Esther, Joseph, Paul, Peter and Jesus Himself defined and redefined living the Kingdom.
When the Kingdom mentality was awakened in my Spirit, I made a series of decisions that drastically changed my life forever. First, I quit my administrative/teaching position in PR's most prestigious academic center. Second, I accepted a teaching position at a local public school. Last, I started to bury my past accepting the challenge and knowing that living the kingdom would bring forth eternal and everlasting benefits that not only my family and I would reap but my generations to come. Ten years later, there are no comebacks and living the kingdom has become a way of living for my family.
David had to flee from a physical kingdom to pave the way for a supernatural kingdom. Joseph was sent as a slave to a foreign land to set the wheels in motion for the largest liberation movement that has ever existed. Moses fled from the Palace and spent a generation in the dessert only to come back as God's warrior to confront Pharaoh with God's Kingdom. Jesus left the comfort of HIS ETERNAL THRONE to establish His Kingdom forever. What are we willing to face to fully receive and live the kingdom? The answer remains to be experienced by all of God's children.