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Johnny Cruz
Contributor Editor

PuertoRicans.Com - Exclusive Special Edition

As most of you may know, this month is Hispanic Heritage Month. So this past Saturday I enjoyed the day at South Street Seaport, in lower Manhattan, for Pathmark's "Celebracion De La Herencia Hispana." This festive event consisted of a variety of culturally diverse performances. The celebration was headlined by recording artist Angel Romero, who's premiere solo CD is currently climbing up the record charts.

The festival was hosted by actor/comedian Rich Ramirez and co-host Audrey Puente, weather anchor for "CBS 2 News This Moning." Mexico was represented by the Mariachi Real de Mexico, along with their folklorico dance company. Representing Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argenina, the folk band "Tahuantinsuyo" played their unique sounding instruments, along with colorful costumed dancers in the tradition of the Incan Empire.

This was Pathmark's 4th annual celebration for the diverse Hispanic cultural goups that live here in New York City. I felt really honored to be a Latino; a Puerto Rican; a Boricua. Viva la raza Latina!


1. Harvey Light of Arts For Business & Debbie Melendez, Entertainment Coordinator

2. "Tahuantinsuyo," Folk Band of the Andes

3. Folk Band Dancers

4. Folk Band Dancers

5. Folk Band Dancers

6. Pathmark Production Members Paul McGlothin & Meredith Averill

7. Jennifer & Oscar of "Dancers Dreams" gettin ready.

8. Cory & Amy of Dancers Dreams getting ready

9. Luis & Samantha of Dancres Dreams with Audrey Puente of "CBS 2 Morning News"

10. Mambo Dancers

11. Co-hosts Audrey Puente

12. Emani & Ashley of Dancers Dreams

13. Luis of Dancers Dreams

14. Dancers Dreams Mambo Teens.

15. Host and actor/comedian Rich Ramirez entertaining audience

16. "Dancers Dreams" Pee Wees, Debie Melendez, and Pablo

17. "Mariachi Real de Mexico" Youth Group

18. "Mariachi Real de Mexico"

19. "Real de Mexico" Dancers

20. "Real de Mexico" Dancers.

21. Duran Dance Academy

22. Duran Dance Academy

23. Anthony Rodriguez

24. La Santa Luz Dancers

25. South Bronx Kids Dancers

26. South Bronx Kids Dancers

27. Bustelo Basket Winner.

28. Singer Angel Romero

29. Diamari Pena

30. Dancers Joel Carasco & Diana Parra

31. Eddie Ramirez, President of R & M Promotions