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Eddie Santos

PuertoRicans.Com - Exclusive Special Edition From

Saturday September 9 and Sunday September 10, 2006 - The 18th Annual Chamber of Commerce Water Front Festival and Waterfront Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Perth Amboy, NJ. During the event there were several art exhibits amoung them Bill Bonner and also PuertoRicans.Com CEO Eddie Santos. During the festival were vendors representing many cultures and countries, plus music as well

Also "Torneo de Domino" sponsored in part by ESPN Deportes.

Special thanks to Rachel Remponeau, Robert McCoy, Sergio, Olga M. Bautista, Gallery Director, as always the finests of the PAPD, our friends from the PA and Fords United State Post office and all our fans from PuertoRicans.Com that said "PRESENTE"

To buy some of the Photos of PuertoRicans.Com Art Gallery click here