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Johnny Cruz
Contributor Editor

PuertoRicans.Com - Exclusive Special Edition

As Hispanic Heritage celebrations continue in September and October, last week I got a phone call that a friend needed a ride to the Human Resources Administration's (HRA) 16th Annual Heritage Celebration. It just so happens that the friend needing a ride was no other than the legendary "Maestro del Quatro" Yomo Toro.

This annual event was held at DC 37's headquarters at 125 Barclay Street which is only one block away from the World Trade Center. The event's entertainment was headlined by Willie Villega & Entre Amigos with special invited guests, Yomo Toro, & Joe Bataan. Also performing were Mirror Image & Lil Rose with the duo of 950.

I wish to commend the entire heritage committe of HRA for a really wonderful event, and thank them for the manner in which they welcomed and accommodated me. Great celebration!


1. R & B Duo Mirror Image

2. Yomo & Rumba Dancing Sensation Katiria

3. Willie Villega, Sammy Ayala Yomo, & Katiria

4. Hip Hop Duo 960 with Rapper Lil Rose

5. Sound Man Saint Pete

6. Willie Villega & Yomo

7. Salsa Singer Sammy Ayala

8. Luis Mojica Dancing up a Storm with Committe Member

9. Eddie Aguilar of our own Petty Images Corner

10. Joe Bataan's Wife & Daugter: Yvonne & Asia

11. Event's MC Fernando Agurto with Yomo

12. Mirror Image Performing on Stage

13. Event Audience.

14.Asia Showing Off Her Dance Moves

15. Katiria Showing Off Her Stuff.

16. There Was No Stopping Katiria

17. Ritmo Tropical was on Hand to Shoot the Event