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Johnny Cruz
Contributor Editor

PuertoRicans.Com - Exclusive Special Edition

As the Hispanic Month celebrations came to an end for the year, I personally ended the festivities in the Bronx where I was raised. That is to say that I covered the Bronx Boro President's annual Bronx Latin Fest 2006. This grand festival was co-hosted by the HUB Third Ave. BID, ILM Marketing, Inc., BOEDC, and the Bronx Tourism Council.

Their were plenty of vendors on hand with food, clothing, mementos, and much more. The performances included dancers, singing groups, solo vocalists, and bands. I commend Idania Lopez, the events coordinator, for her diligent work in putting the entire festival together. I also want to extend my appreciation to Jerry Vargas of Emerging Artists. I wish to thank both of these individuals for the manner in which they accommodated me by granting me total access to cover the event. Ms. Lopez even allowed me to MC for a couple of hours. Let me tell you, it was fun; what a great event!


1. All street festivals begin with the food venders.

2. What's a festival without balloons

3. P.R souvenir & memento vender Taino Ray

4. "Carne en Pinche" is a must

5. Festival Overall Coordinator Idania Lopez

6. Entertaiment Coordinator Jerry Vargas of Emerging Artist and MC Lilly Vasquez (middle), with friends, getting a bite to eat

7. Stageing by Festive Productions.

8. Duran Dance Company open show

9. South Bronx Kids' Second Generation

10. Second Generation

11. Second Generation also do hip-hop

12. Second Generation back to salsa

13. Second Generation with big finish

14. Salsero Javier Luis.

15. YUM performing their new CD release"Chocolate"

16. YUM energizing audience

17. Edwin and Brian with reggaeton number

18. Large audience turnout

19. VIP section "Con Las Manos Arriba"

20. Idania addressing audience

21. "Latin Pop" artist Ronny Mercedes

22. MC Lily Vasquez singing bachata

23. Lily can also dance

24. Reggaeton group "El Comencio"

25. El Comencio

26. Jenny Colon with regaeton number

27. Jenny joined by her dancers.

28. More regaeton with "J-Flow"

29. Edwin Vasquez' Latin Gypsy Rock Band

30. Congero Cachie beating away on conga

31. My groupies...Ha, Ha, Ha

32. VIP looking super kool

33. Edwin playing more of his Latin fusion sound

34. Old school free-style star Nayobe

35. Little Luis Zenon was impresive dancing freestyle on stage with Nayobe

36. Noyobe brought back memories singing her hits from the 80's

37. Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr. talks about the borough's resurgence

38. Adolfo Carrion recognizes outstanding bronxites

39. Nayobe and Luis with a photo opportunity

40. Regaeton group Leyaws y Yancell

41. Big event finish with county style merengue band "El Prodigio"

42. El Prodigio

43 El Prodigio end event with big finish.