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Johnny Cruz
Contributor Editor

PuertoRicans.Com - Exclusive Special Edition

Hola mi gente! There's no doubt that in addition to language, national origin, and shared history, hispanic identity to a great deal of extent is also based on the food we eat. With respect to Puerto Ricans, among the food we eat, most of us are well aware and favor the platano (plantain), especially when we transform it into "tostones."

Traditionally, the smashing of the plantain has utilized a variety of home methods, inclusive of using platano peels, paper bags, or coffee cans to name a few. Commercially, cheap banana pressers tend to fall apart and really don't work out that well.

Last thursday I attended a demonstration of a brand new and innovated tostonera press. This brand new press was designed by Don Clark Williams who holds its pattent under the trade mark name of Tostobueno who says "it's the ultimate tostonera." The new press is manufactored by the Comfort Factory.


1. Tostobueno Banner

2. Ashley Anderson and baby Alexandra

3. CFO Pablo Guzman & Media Director Annette Alvarez

4. Jerry Vargas of Emerging Artists & Joseph Rivera of RockTone Records

5. Christopher James serving refreshments

6. President & CEO Don Clark Williams

7. Chief Operations Officer Ainsley Williams.

8. Tostobueno team member Evelynn Rodriguez

9. Writer Angela Peralta

10. NY 1 News on hand to cover event

11. Don Clark Williams making presentation

12. La Voz Hispana editor Joaquin del Rio

13. All who attended were treated to freshley made tostones treats

14. Joseph with muisic group S3pers.