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Johnny Cruz
Contributor Editor

PuertoRicans.Com - Exclusive Special Edition

Well, the end of October has come and gone. Of course it was the time to be scary or funny, glamorous or just plain ridiculous. To prove that point I went to the Dancers Dreamz Halloween Party held in the Bronx just last Sunday.

Debbie Melendez, the Director of Dancers Dreamz was cleverly dressed as a box of crayons, along with the parents committee, who also served as her helpers who were dressed as different colored crayons. Nevertheless, Halloween for most part is a fun day for kids, costumes, and trick or treat.

I had a great time and an abundance of fun checking out all the costumes and last but certainly not least, partaking of all the food and treats that were served.


1. Plenty of kids with costumes

2. Debbie Melendez as a box of crayons

3. DJ Queen Loraine

4. Super girl

5. A couple of real cuties

6. Samantha with prize winning costume

7. Police women Ilene.

8. Freddy Krueger & Pirate girl

9. Some of Debbie's crayons serving monster food

10. A zombie, Belly Dancer, & Sorceress

11. A cute little kitty

12. Capt. Bus Light joins Kitty

13. Wow! Wonder Woman

14. Pirate girl.

15. A pink crayon taking care of drinks

16. Gypsy lady taking it easy

17. Love child hippie pablo in all his colorful splendor

18. Cory as a china girl

19. Hey, thats me in my rainbow outfit

20. India Princes & prize winning Chicken Little.

21. Aida as the orange crayon.

22. Black Fairy costume winner

23. Zombie & his love pirate

24. Mike as the designated baby sitter

25. She's the "all smiles" rag doll

26. Tatiana as an Arabian princes

27. Ain't she cute