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Eddie Santos

PuertoRicans.Com - Exclusive Special Edition

There is no place like home! A Flores legacy in Juncos Puerto Rico.

Life may take you on different paths and places. Some time far away from home.

My grand parents (Francisco Flores and Nicolasa Maldonado who both passed away this year 30 years ago) had 14 children. Two of them died at birth. Another, German Flores, gave his life for our country during the Korea War, earning the Purple Heart Medal.

My other uncles, aunts and my mom, (Milagros (my mom), Alejita, Tito, Adriana, Cokie, Carlitos, Hector, Gloria, Titi, Mery and Alicia. Working very hard half of them became Teachers and the other half went in to business.

I remember as a kid every year, getting together at my grandpa’s farm during Christmas with all my cousins playing baseball, eating tamarindos, quenepas, panas, drinking Jugo de acerolas, parcha and the famous TANG (orange juice) while my uncles will make (El Lechon a la varita) BBQ Pork and my aunts talking about their recipes, clothing.

As time went on an my cousins (A total of 30) were getting married, going to college many started to move out of town or out of PR.

After 20 year of the last time we got all together, we decided to honor our grand parents. During this family reunion I got to see many of them and their kids. Our family now over 100.

The reunion took place on (Rancho de Papa) who is owned by Gordi and Reina.

During the event the Mayor of Juncos, Hon. Alfredo "Papo" Alejandro joined us.

I am sharing this story since many are far away from our love once. I encourage you to keep in touch with them via phone, mail or email. Keep your roots alive. For those of us who became workoholics, remember a job is only few hours of a day, the memories of a family are for life!

While watching the photos of before and now, you realize how time flies.

As our parents have helped us to open doors, it is our job now to help open new doors for the next generation to come.

One of the cousin I missed during the meeting was Jorge Flores. Like many of our friends and families. Jorge is currently serving on the Iraq War. May God bring him and everyone else home soon and save!